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A Woman of 36 years, from United States, Long Beach California

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I am: Woman

Seeking a: Men and Women

First name: Giovony

Age: 36 (05-30-1981)


Just looking for some hang out buddies.  Cool people.  Drama free.  Male and female.  I'm a cool laid back individual.  Unique.  Real.  Not about games or drama.  Trustworthy.  Fun to be around and looking for the same.  Preferably someone with no children or grown children 25 and up located in the Los Angeles county.  Please do not leave me a message.  I will not respond.  I will search and find what I'm looking for and leave a message for you.  I am very careful on dating apps.  I will be scoping for you. 

City / Town: Long Beach

State: California

ZIP/Postal Code: 91403

Country: United States  United States

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Last Activity: 2 years ago.

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