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A Woman of 35 years, from United States, Elkton MD

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I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

First name: Caroline

Age: 35 (04-04-1983)


I have great sense of humor ,honest , loyal ,kind ,respectful, easy-going.I enjoy simple things in life. I enjoy going to the movies ,shows restaurants ,going for long walks going to the beach.Love the ocean ,love to travel especially to tropical places.I love museums long drives ,farmer markets street fairs yard sales coffee shops.I love outdoors i play all kind of sports i exercise regularly, but i like good food,wine and tropical drinks they are my favorite.I am looking for someone easy-going ,values friends and family,kind, honest, someone to hold hands and be the best friends.Good looking is important inside more than outside.I am looking for someone who will love me for what i am.Special someone you can trust to share opinions and emotions.A person who likes to laugh and see the bright side of things.Life is to short to spend it alone.I am looking for someone to spend time with and if grows into something else ,wonderful.

City / Town: Elkton

State: MD

ZIP/Postal Code: 21921

Country: United States  United States

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Last Activity: 2 years ago.

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