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A Woman of 24 years, from United Kingdom, HAYLANDS South Brent

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I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

First name: Sofia

Last name: Hardy

Age: 24 (10-05-1993)


This is Sofia Hardy Website developer at AssignmentHelpSquad UK-based private limited company. And this is a bit of copy about her work and experience. She experienced web developer and knows about Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and related CMS, and also knows about the social media and content marketing. 


City / Town: HAYLANDS

State: South Brent

ZIP/Postal Code: PO33 2NW

Country: United Kingdom  United Kingdom  Site / Blog:

Height: 3 ′ 11 ″ – 120 cm

Weight: 1 ′ 0 ″ – 30 cm

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Last Activity: one year ago.

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